Common Digestive Problems in Babies

Infants have very delicate health, so they require great care and attention. Digestive problems seem to concern parents very much and some of these problems can cause serious health conditions. Parents must have at least slight knowledge about the potential digestive problems their infants may experience because if they aren’t properly addressed, the issues may lead to unwanted and harmful health problems.

Diarrhea is one of the most common health issues related to the digestive system. Sadly, about 450 babies annually die because of diarrhea only in the USA. Diarrhea may be caused by some different reasons, including changes in the diet, used of antibiotics and infections. The most effective treatment of diarrhea in infants is rehydration.

Constipation is also very widely spread digestive problem in babies. It is the situation when the infant has hard bowel movements. Constipation is very easily found and treated at home. It may be caused by changes in the diet and intake of certain medicines. Consumption of fruits and foods rich in fibre can effectively deal with this health problem. However, if the constipation continues longer, you should consult a doctor.

Another very common digestive problem in infants is vomiting. Mothers tend to mistake spitting for vomiting. However, spitting up is absolutely normal in babies after a mean, and in combination with a burp. Vomiting may be cause by a blockage of the stomach or the intestines. In some cases it may be a result of virus infections. This problem is not serious and disturbing if it happens once or twice. But if it persists you should consult a doctor because intensive vomiting may lead to dangerous health problems.

Baby colic is probably among the earliest problems in infants and some specialist say it is a digestive problem. It is believed that a massage of the abdomen is beneficial in cases of baby colic. It is recommended to consult a doctor.

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